Memory Matches

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The classic card matching game.

Played over 55 million times.

Test your memory! Simply flip the cards to reveal a matching pair. Race against the clock in single player mode or challenge your friends in the multi player mode.

– Multiple Boards–
4×4 and 6×6 on iPhone and iPod Touch, plus 4×5 and 5×6 boards for the iPad.

– Card Themes –
Now even more THEMES:
– Normal shapes,
– Simple black and white shape
– Dots
– Matching numbers to dots
– Colors
– Halloween
– Sports
– Enhanced
– Animals
– Ink Blots
– Signs

– Single Player –
Beat your own best time and compete against your friends.

– Multi Player –
For 2, 3, 4, or 5 players. Place your iOS device in the middle of your group and see who can find the most matching pairs.

– Sharp Graphics –
Developed for the 4th generation iPhone and iPod Touch Retina display and iPad.

– Leaderboards –
Track your best times for all board sizes, now with OpenFeint and Game Center support to share and compete with your friends and others.

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