Memory Blast Lite

Play the classic memory match game with a twist!
Memory Blast is a different memory game which will make you stay focus from beginning ’til the end.

Remove cards from the play area by matching 2 or more cards with the same pattern.
The iphone (or ipod) puts cards in the play area while you remove them. The pace and number of pattern increases as you advance to the next level, the game is over when the play area fills up.

Out smart the game? Waiting impatiently for next card to pop up? Wish have more control over timing? Find cards too small for you?

Buy the full version!

Full version contains the additional features:
– Bonus gadgets including card bombs, time balancer.
– Play with 3 difficulty/speed levels.
– More colorful themes to choose from.
– 2 card sizes available.
– Turn sound on/off.

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