Memory – 3D

Memory 3D is a simple and fun way to exercise your brain. The rules are simple, just find the matching pairs of images. The more you match the harder it gets. In the first level you have 2 minutes to match ten pairs of images. Once you clear this level, each subsequent level adds 5 extra pairs that need to be matched. You are given an extra 30 seconds at the end of each level.

Memory 3D comes with the following features:

- Simple interface
- Cool 3D tiles
- Multiple levels of difficulty
- Large image library

Memory 3D

Just 2 Minutes a day can keep your brain stimulated.
If you love card games and puzzels, then you’ll love this exciting 3D App.

Pattern recognition is the minds fundamental system.
If the pattern recognition part of your brain slows down, so do you. Ever forget where your keys are?

Now these systems can be revived and regenerated.

It’s healthy to exercise your body, and essential exercise your mind!

Introducing Memory 3D!

A clever combination of simple and complex patterns will tickle the parts of your brain other puzzles dream of reaching.

Numerous levels with an ever decreasing time limit will push your brain to it’s limits.

Simple fun, and easy to use with great graphics, you won’t want to put this addictive app down, but if you do, at least you’ll remember where you put it! :)

A game suitable for children and adults of all ages.
Just match the pairs!