Memorizer Deluxe

About 50 000 people around the world have already been playing this game on iOS.
And now it’s also available on Mac.

Do you suppose your memory is perfect enough? Now it’s time to really test and upgrade it with HAVING GREAT FUN. Even if you have been disgusted by memory games, most probably you’ll become fan of this one. The game has been designed for all kind of players from kids up to most advanced players.
Have a good time and enjoy it! Also recommend the game to all your friends.

Game promotes memory training as providing mental simulation. Its goal is to discover all identical pairs of pictures by flipping dynamic 3D cards. All game and menu are integrated in one modeled animated environment supported by fine sound effects. Game is easy and intuitive in use. It has 7 subcategories of difficulty. 3 game modes (quick, multiplayer and campaign). 7×12 levels including bonus levels. In the game you can use already grouped elements by type or even create your own custom group. You have opportunity to create also backgrounds custom group. In addition it doesn’t have any age restriction.
Win the levels, unlock achievements, beat score records, open new levels and enjoy them with family and friends in multiplayer mode.

+ Brilliant quality HD graphics, animations & sound effects
+ Game Center integration
+ Multi touch interface
+ 3 built-in themes
+ 3 game modes (quick, multiplayer and campaign)
+ Multiplayer up to 4 players
+ 7 subcategories of difficulty
+ 7×12 fine levels (including bonus levels)
+ Win the bonus campaign mode levels and unlock it for quick and multiplayer modes
+ 20 classic, over 30 animal, over 20 fruit, over 20 Christmas elements
+ Special elements
+ Use built-in groups of elements or even create your own
+ Over 20 backgrounds
+ Create custom group from backgrounds
+ Leaderboard (local, worldwide)
+ Over 20 Achievements (local, worldwide)
+ Intuitive in use
+ Game & menu integrated in one atmosphere
+ Levels autosave/restoring
+ Energy saving system
+ Free upgrades
+ 3 in 1, buy one app and use for iPod,iPhone & iPad
+ Fully compatible with retina display
+ Multitasking support
+ Without Ads!

*Now you have got opportunity to buy this amazing game at incredible low price and enjoy with family and friends.
**Dear customers if you’re experiencing any kind of problem in our apps, feel free to contact us. Use our support web site to do so.

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