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Welcome to ‘Memoraty’!

Memoraty is a game in which you have to find matching pairs of cards. Its features include 2-Player and single player modes, two well chosen game sizes, three themes and an Audio-Mode in which every card triggers a certain sound instead of showing an image. Remember the positions and and try to match two cards that trigger the same sound!

It also comes with a ‘HighSpeed TimeMode': Clear the Board as fast as you can!

A short overview:

– Audio Mode
– ‘HighSpeed TimeMode’ (single player only)
– 2-Player and single Player Mode
– 3 Themes: flags / colors / pictures
– 2 Game Sizes: 6 * 4 / 8 * 5
– 2 Languages: English / German
– Single Player Ranking
– integrated Mail-Support

Thank You for your interest and I hope you enjoy the Game!

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