MemGym from IlluminateBrain

MemGym has an amazing collection of 12 Brain memory games. These games are designed to enhance your memory and playing these games a few minutes everyday can work wonders on your brain health.

If you have ever felt the need for the following, this Game set is designed exactly for you.

“I want to learn people’s names first time itself and then, recall their names whenever I meet them”
“I want to recall locations of objects, visual patterns and navigation routes”
“I want to do fast mental calculations and process variety of information in head”

Topics:- Games included in this App are
1) Face-Name Recall
a) Remember Me?
b) My Fav Sport
c) Am I same?
d) Match my Name

2) Spatial Memory
a) Shapes Locator
b) Spot the Flower
c) Icon Cells
d) Alphabet World

3) Working Memory
a) Twin Pattern
b) Ice-cream Corner
c) Bouncing Maths
d) Alphabet Count

1) Very simple and elegant design
2) Scoring and timing modes to encourage competitive spirit and track your progress
3) Interactive appreciation / feedback after each game level
4) Very relaxing and soothing game sound track and audio effects
5) Auto-saves the games when you quit or answer a phone call

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