★★★★★ Meltdown ★★★★★
Recommended Age: 4 Years +

It's a bad day for Joe, who has recently joined as intern scientist at Nuclear power station. Joe carelessly leaves for lunch break, without noticing that he left the stabilizer button off. Now, the unstable nuclear molecules start to heat up the reactor reaching it near meltdown. Everyone gets scared and run away. Now only you can save them by filling it with stabilizers. If you dare, take the control of the overheating nuclear reactor and save them. All the best!

Meltdown is an addictive, skill-based fun game that challenges player's skill. You save an overheating nuclear reactor by actively placing stabilizers to cool down the unstable molecules. Tap on screen and hold to place stabilizer. But be careful, the unstable molecules can collide and destroy stabilizer causing loss of life. Cover the required area of reactor chamber before time ends and move on to next chamber. Stabilize the unstable molecules before they cause MELTDOWN.

Key Features
• More than 25 nuclear chambers to conquer.
• Tilt device to trap the unstable molecules with stabilizers.
• Controlling the reactor gets tougher as you move on to advanced chambers
• Save lives and time to gain maximum points.
• A complete entertainment for all.

Enjoy & Have Fun ….. ◕‿◕

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