Meghan’s Matching Game Preschool

Give your preschooler a head start learning how to read with Meghan’s Matching Game.

Meghan’s Matching Games are designed to teach the reading and recognition of the most common words your child will come across when learning how to read. As cards are selected the word is reveled and spoken aloud.

Meghan’s Matching Game Preschool contains over 200 age appropriate words including all grade level sight words. The idea behind the game is for your preschooler to remember the position of the words that have been revealed on previous turns. It is a great game to develop attention, learn new words and sharp listening skills.

Meghan’s Matching Game Preschool starts with twelve cards. The player is instructed to find the matching pairs of cards until the board is cleared. To help develop reading skills, as each card is selected a real voice announces the word. As a match is made Meghan praises the great effort with phrase like “Good Job” and “Awesome”. When the board is cleared a surprising splash screen is displayed with sounds of children cheering and some more praises from Meghan. The second level fills the screen with additional cards and the game concludes when the player completes the matches. Both the number of tries and the score is kept during game play.

– Grade appropriate word matching
– Contains all grade level sight words
– Spoken words
– Two levels of difficulty
– Engaging and educational game play
– Sharpens memory skills
– Develops reading and word recognition

If your toddler enjoys following along with Dora the Explorer, the Wonder Pets, Go Diego, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Baby Einstein, Disney or Barney they are sure to enjoy learning new things with Meghan!

Also available in Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade editions.

Meghan’s WordFlash!
Each grade specific app contains the same word lists as Meghan’s Matching Games to give your child another method to build their vocabulary and learn new words.

Looking for a great way for your toddler to learn their ABC’s check out Meghan’s ABC123 or to build your elementary students math skills download Meghan’s Math Quiz.

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