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Megaplex Madness - Now Playing is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Megaplex Madness – Now Playing

Today’s featured game is one that starts out in a dusty old movie theater you just purchased on an entrepreneurial whim. As the new owner and manager of the place, it’s up to you to fix what’s broken, hire staff, and give customers a positive experience that will keep them coming back.

Megaplex Madness is a port of a PC game that sticks to pretty traditional time management roots. Customers come in the door with icons above their heads indicating what they want. Most are looking to purchase tickets right away, but some have to use the restroom or demand butter-glazed popcorn before they’ll decide the what film to see. Your job is to drag and drop each customer to where they want to go before they lose their patience. If only theater managers were so accommodating in real life.

As you play you earn cash you can spend to clean up the theater, purchase upgrades, and hire more staff. You’ll need to do all of those things, because at first the place is a mess. There’s a hole in the floor and cobwebs blocking the stairway. You only have two staff members, so lines form at the ticket counter and concession stands. But soon you’ll clean the place up and upgrade to bigger theaters until you’re the mogul you always knew you could be.

Megaplex Madness uses Game Center for achievements and leaderboards, so it’ll help build up your score if you’re into point hoarding. It’s also made by Big Fish Games, whose Amazon: Hidden Expedition and Atlantis Sky Patrol we awarded Must Haves. We’ve enjoyed what we’ve played of Megaplex Madness – Now Playing, and find ourselves with a sudden hankering for popcorn…