Meganoid 2

Universal Rating: 9+

Meganoid 2 is a game from Pascal Bestebroer, originally released 20th November, 2012


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Meganoid 2 Review

Meganoid 2 is one of those games that you already know if you’re going to like before you even install it. When the game’s official website says that it’s going throw all kinds of things your way, possibly in an unfair way, just to see if you can survive, then the game shouldn’t be a surprise for you. And if that sounds like something you want to put yourself through, then you’re going to be in for one heck of a wild ride and one of the best platforming experiences for iOS.

Just like the original Meganoid, there isn’t much here that you haven’t seen before. If you come from the old-school of Castlevania and Metroid then Meganoid 2 is going to feel like a warm, nostalgic blanket. In this Indiana Jones-inspired adventure you’ll run, jump, fall and swim through 70 brutally punishing levels that are designed to make you love the pain all over again.

Meganoid or Castlevania?

And oh boy, are those levels going to run you through the ringer. Meganoid 2’s almost perverse level design will cause you to come really, really close to throwing your device against the wall. Nearly every step of the way you’ll fight against spikes popping up from the floors, boulders falling from the ceiling, twirling saw-blades, angry natives, platforms that fall apart as you step on them, and arrows that shoot out of statues in the walls. And bats. This game will make you detest bats. And for the truly masochistic completionists out there, if you want to get a full three-star rating on a level, you’ll have to complete it within the 20 second time limit AND find the golden idols that are hidden throughout.

Just like the first game, Meganoid 2 has amazingly responsive controls that are fully customizable. And it’s a good thing that you can change the controls, because if you’re not on the top of your game you’re simply going to fail. And Orange Pixel seems to have listened to the complaints people had with the first game and fixed the technical problems that one had. We never had the game crash once and the problems with switches not acting correctly don’t seem to exist here. Also blissfully gone is the three strikes and you’re out problem that the first one had. In Meganoid 2 you can keep dying and playing to your heart’s content without getting booted back to the main screen.

Meganoid 2 is not for the feint of heart or those with limited patience. The trial and error nature of the game and the absolutely ruthless difficulty is not going to be for everyone. But for everyone else, Meganoid 2 is a real platforming gem– sharp, pointy gem that wants to kill you. And for those of us who like these types of games, we’re totally fine with that.