Mega Trivia: Stephen King

IMPORTANT: This app no longer functions correctly as a result of Apple’s changes to iOS and their application guidelines. Because of this, we have reduced the price of this app to FREE, and the price of MegaTrivia 2.0 to $0.99. In MegaTrivia 2.0, you have access to ALL of our quizzes, including this one.


For nearly forty years, Stephen King has been the master of the macabre.

How much do you know about his books, his movies, his life?

Whether you’re an occasional fan or a longtime Constant Reader, you’re sure to find plenty of fun trivia in this quiz.

How many books did King write under his Bachman pseudonym?

Which novel won King his first Bram Stoker Award?

Try to answer these and over 100 additional questions. Then use the included Twitter integration to post your results and challenge fellow SK fans.

Future versions will include:

* More questions
* Facebook integration

Start quizzing yourself now. If you don’t…it’ll haunt you.

Also, don’t forget to check out “Mega Trivia: Ultimate Edition”!

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