Mega Trivia: Back to the 80s

IMPORTANT: This app no longer functions correctly as a result of Apple’s changes to iOS and their application guidelines. Because of this, we have reduced the price of this app to FREE, and the price of MegaTrivia 2.0 to $0.99. In MegaTrivia 2.0, you have access to ALL of our quizzes, including this one.


Don’t you like totally miss the 80s?

See how much you remember from the decade of Back to the Future, Ronald Reagan, leg warmers, and the prettiest little ponies this side of the equator.

The Mega Trivia 80s app will ask you ten randomly generated questions from a database of over 100 radical possibilities, with even more questions on the way! How many can you answer correctly? Repeat the quiz as many times as it takes to become a master. Post your scores on Twitter, and try to beat your friends’ scores!

Future updates will include:
* Additional questions

Enjoy the best 80s trivia app in the app store!

[Note: No radio stars were harmed in the making of this app.]

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* Quiz count is based on quizzes taken while connected to the internet via Edge, 3G or Wifi. Offline quizzes are not logged.

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