Mega Treasure Slot Machine

Download The Mega Treasure Slot Machine Today!
Our slots are voted BEST NEW SLOTS for iPads, iPhones and iPods.

Our latest slot is a “Treasure” themed game that features High
Definition and High Resolution graphics such as the Coin Stuffed Treasure Box, Triple Bar Pearls, Jewel Encrusted Urn, Gold Coins, Coin-Filled Bag, and other Treasure-themed slot reel symbols.

The spinning slot reels simulate a real mechanical slot
machine with real slot winning percentages that average a 95% payout

Spin for five “Triple Money Treasure” symbols for a chance to WIN The Jackpot!

Progress through up to 18 levels and at the completion of each
level you will can complete a bonus game of your choice and earn FREE coins!

Check back every 2 hours for a chance to win more Bonus Coins!

Match 3 or more “Diamond Gem Scatter” symbols and win 10 free spins!

Up to 20 paylines allows you greater chances to win.

More Bonus Games will be updated in the game in the coming weeks.

The realistic Casino sounds of this slot machine make this app a great
experience for the slot machine gamer.

Satisfy your Treasure Fever and Download the FREE Mega Treasure Video Slot Machine Today for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

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