Mega Monkey Jump: Kico's Jumping Adventure!

#1 Top Monkey in the App Store – Everybody loves Kico! Mega Monkey Jump is part of the Kico’s Adventure Series! Isn’t Kico KEWL?!

Just a fun-to-play game where you help Kico and his Kousins to avoid the clutches of the Tribesmen by jumping, hopping, and bouncing their way to freedom! Help these mega monkeys avoid being captured by the Tribesmen all over the world – whether it’s their lush native jungle, among the rooftops of the city, or even the glaciers of the northern points of the globe!

Unlock 3 mega levels to play – Jungle, City, and Glacier!
Nonstop monkey action!
A simple, fun game to pass the time!
Easy enough for anyone to play, great for kids and adults alike!
Be sure to check out other Kico Adventure Series games to get more monkey action!

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