Mega Memory

Mega Memory helps you train and entertain your brain at the same time

* available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
* iPhone 5 friendly (fullscreen)
* 32 Multimedia Games with a total of 730 different images and photos
* 130 Sounds over 5 Sound games

With a wide variety of games there will be a game for everyone. You can start easy with only 12 playing cards or go EXTREME with 24 different cards. The game is made for fast use which means you can start a game and flip the card as fast as you want to. When you finished the game you can go to the next games within one click

* NEW -> Sound only Memory, try it out! (5 games)
* The ABC with every letter spoken
* High score and Stars rating, keep track of your own performance and beat your high score

Tip: you can make COMBOS if you have more than one match after the other. Every Combo multiplies the score you get when a match is made

* Four difficulty levels:
Easy: 12 cards
Normal: 16 cards
Hard: 20 cards
Extreme: 24 cards (only iPad and iPhone 5)

* 32 funny and educational themes
* Smooth and fast interface
* 730 different images and 130 different sounds

Mega Memory will:
* improve your memory (short and longterm)
* improve your concentration skills
* give you an entertaining time!

Themes / Games:
* Leafs
* Monsters
* Youtube
* Faces
* Farm Animals
* Vehicles
* Brands
* Sounds
* Presidents
* Flags (new)
* Drinks (new)
* Close Animals (new)
* Car Logo (new)
* Animals Children (new)
* Landmarks
* Sports
* Vegetables
* Numbers
* Flowers
* Wild Animals
* Animals Black & White
* Cartoons
* Vehicles ClipArt
* Apps
* Cupcakes
* Animal Sounds
* Sounds 2
* Word Sounds
* Toys
* Gadgets
* Idols

Mega Memory

A fun memory game to play alone or together with a friend!

Different levels of memory madness!
The best memory app!

Mega Memory contains multiple memory games:
✔ Classic Memory – Challenge yourself and beat the highscores in Classic Memory.
✔ Multiplayer Memory – Challenge a friend and see who can make the most pairs in Multiplayer Memory.
✔ More fun memory games are on its way!

Try to collect as many stars as possible and beat your friend’s game center ranking!