Mega Maze "Alice in another world"

Mega Maze is the huge maze game of the view of the world like “Alice In Wonderland”.
The stages are more than 30.

Therefore you cannot be bored.

A beautiful CG appears after every four stages completed.

You can play the game while listening to your favorite music by iPod.

*** How to play ***
You can operate a chief character by tilting it (iPhone/iPod touch).

You start from the stage of the lower right.
And you aim at the goal on the upper left.

There is a time limit for each stage.(40 seconds)

When you complete a stage the time left over from that stage adds to the next stage.
Namely the faster you complete a stage the more time you will have added to the time of the next stage.

If you want to pause in this game, you can do it.
Please touch screen center.

“Continue” means the continuation of the game.

If you choose “Quit”, you can terminate this game and return to the title menu.

*** The story***
“Alice in wonderland” that continues being still loved by people in the world.

You know that there was the one girl here?

Namely, the one girl who wanders into another world.

Yes, her name was Alice, too.

And the rabbit appeared out of nowhere in front of her suddenly just like that story, and then the rabbit invites her to the unknown world.

Well, what’s the purpose of rabbit’s visit…?

You can reach reality which hides deep of labyrinth?
Please find it with her who was led to the rabbit.

***Optional explanation***
About “Set button” and “Default button”.
You can set the slant of the default.

You can set an angle that is comfortable when you play
It is very simple.
On your iPhone touch “set button”.
As a result, the position is kept horizontally.

You can choose sensitivity.
“Low” or “Middle” or “High”

You can choose sound effects either, on or off.

You can choose language.
“English” or “Japanese”

You can display credit line on the screen.

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