Mega Castle Run Free

The best FREE runner game is here! Run, jump and stay sharp to avoid all the danger that lays before you. Hours and hours of entertainment awaits you ans it is all for FREE!
You will play a greedy bandit that wants to find his way to a mystical castle full of treasures. To do so our hero will have to run through a magical swamp filled with coins, stars and gold, but also with obstacles that will try to slow you down. For instance, beware for the bees, they think you are their enemy and will do all in their power to slow you down.
The swamp is like a maze but our hero knows a secret, following the trace of coins will lead him to the castle, all he has to do is to collect them and become richer every second that passes. Collect all power ups to become faster and stronger and be king of the castle.

Again our partners in Texas have put their heart in and made really astonishing HD graphics for you to have the best experience ever and we would really appreciate it if you could come back online and give us a nice rating! Our partners in Texas would love it too.
Thank you and have fun!

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