Meet You Plus for iPad

The spring season is in full swing here and Billy and Gilly are in search of each other.
Meet You is an amazing arcade game, full of adventure and fun filled challenge. Billy and Gilly are two snails who keep looking out for each other in the game play. Billy finds a lot of obstacles on his way to meet his friend Gilly and vice-versa. You need to help them to find their right path to meet each other, en route you will guide them to collect all red hearts and score some bonus points.

The Game play:
There are object which can push or guide them towards each other. Choose the correct objects or blocks to help them move, beware…a little extra push will result in Billy and Gilly gaining more momentum and thereby resulting in mishaps.

There are 35 challenging levels, each level features exciting game play enhanced with colorful graphics and engaging music. The game play can extend from simple to extremely complex levels and will pose a great challenge for you.

We will not be surprised if you wish to share Meet You with your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbor, the list grows bigger…!

• 35 exciting and challenging levels
• Lucid dreamy background
• Cool effects and highly polished graphics
• Little red hearts with animation – Bonus Scoring
• Integrated with OpenFeint to keep track of leader boards and achievements
• This game is also available for iphone.

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