MeeMee Character Creator

Welcome to the world of the MeeMee’s!
The MeeMee Character Creator is a fun program for all ages to create your own characters based on yourself, your friends or your imagination and is the first of it’s kind on the iPhone/iPod touch and a whole lot of fun to use! said ‘Fun! Especially for kids!’ and rated us 8 of 10!

*INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $0.99 USD* for a limited time only!!

The MeeMee Character Creator Features include:
• 10 different ‘part’ categories, each with lots of fun, wacky and interesting styles resulting in an INCREDIBLE unique combination possibilities, and that’s without even counting colour variations!
• Takes advantage of the unique iPhone/iPod Touch features such as swiping your finger across the screen to flick through backgrounds for your character, rotating the device to switch between Showcase mode and Workshop mode for editing or admiring your creation
• The MeeMee Character Creator is completely offline, meaning no expensive internet bills or 3G quota overloads.
• Allows you to take photos of your newly created MeeMee characters to your photos section and assign them as pictures in your iPhone contacts, save them as your personal iPhone background, email them to friends or send them to our website so other people can enjoy them.

For a quick demo video head on over to or click the below link!

If the program crashes, please try powering off your phone completely, then back on or deleting the app and installing it through iTunes. If you still have problems please drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help!
We HIGHLY recommend getting the 3.0 software update from apple.
If you run into trouble, please contact us through the website and we’ll do our best to help!

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