Meego Village

MEET THE MEEGO – wacky, volcano-dwelling villagers who need your help. Watch them grow from babies to adults, fall in love, and build the most epic village!

✓ Assign Meego to jobs and see them improve over time!
✓ Watch your Meego grow from babies to adults, fall in love, and grow old!
✓ Name and customize your Meego with hilarious items!
✓ Build quirky buildings and yummy food stands
✓ Launch Meego into the air to travel from your Launch Dock
✓ Collect rare birthstones by strategically breeding villagers

Note: An Internet connection is required to play.

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What the gamers are saying:

“The cutest, most fun game I’ve played in awhile! Super well thought out and I love the mating dance!” – EYChick

“YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A GAME LIKE THIS BEFORE! I can’t put it down.” – ZGame18

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