Medieval Heroes: Fantasy Lands

Medieval Heroes: Fantasy Lands is a strategy game of empire building.
As one of the medieval lords, you will engage in combat with surrounding provinces in an attempt to unite Fantasy lands under your leadership.

Design and govern your army, build castles, engage in battles, risk and conquer your enemies!

The game area consists of a number of provinces. At the beginning, you control some of these provinces. Every province gives some gold coins to the person who controls it.
You can spend your gold on recruiting new troops and capture new territories with their help. You can also build castles, fortify them, and build markets to earn more gold.
Your goal is to unite all of the provinces under your control!

– risk-style gameplay
– 6 maps
– four difficulty levels
– different heroes to select
– ability to build castles and other structures
– ability to set tax rate
– strong Artificial Intelligence
– ability to continue game after exit

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