A collection of interactive dating scenarios with 200 choices.

I. meDating App

The meDating App is a collection of interactive dating scenarios with 200 multiple choices to pick. Once you pick your best choice, you are given a possible dating outcome from your choice. The meChoices dating scenarios include perspectives from women dating men and men dating women.

II. A Dating Scenario

Jenny is still dating Jeff who has cheated on her with other girls several times. She is getting tired of it. What should she do about it?

A. Leave him once and for all.
B. Continue to stay with him despite his behavior.
C. Ask him to change or she will leave him.
D. Look for another guy and try to forget about Jeff.
E. Help him to change his ways.

What should she do? Pick a choice in the meDating App and you will see what the possible outcome could be. Download “meDating” today to see the 200 outcomes to dating.

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