#1 pick for RTS IOS games 2013!
independent developer award

-2 full length campaigns with 10 stages each
-1v1 Multiplayer with 6 different maps
-Autosave feature when closing & opening the game.

Love RTS games? Then ready yourself for an amazing adventure into the world of Mechcraft where a war is brewing between the courageous Bots and the dreaded Trons. On an alien robotic planet trillions of lightyears away two mechanical races battle it out to prove they are the strongest. Will you decide to join the Bots in bringing peace to the galaxy or will you choose the evil Trons to control and enslave the remaining civilian robots?

What should I do if the game times out at launch?
You’ll need to clear up some memory. To do this try double tapping the square button on your device. Press and hold down an application until a minus sign shows up. Turn off some applications and Mechcraft should run with no problem.

I hope you enjoy my game and thanks for Playing!

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