MazeArtlite for iPad

MazeArt gives an animated look to the mazes kids solve on paper.

Check out this unique application designed to keep your kids engaged with the animated maze game with 3D characters. A character needs help to reach its destination. It will follow the path that you trace in the maze and award you with unique celebration movie for each character.

Don’t be surprised if your child comes and tells you proudly that he/she solved a maze..


– Lead the character through the maze to its destination.
– Reference maze and character tracks makes the navigation easy.
– Zoom in and Zoom out options to get a better view of the character or the maze.
– Zoom out completely to get the top level 2D view of the maze.
– Ability to restart the maze.
– Unique and fun soundtracks for each character.
– celebration movie after solving the maze.
– kids voice for instructions.
– easy navigation through the application.

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