Mayhem Express

Are you ready for this?
+ An open-world city full of jumps, crashes and destructible objects!
+ Full vehicle damage with actual mesh deformation!
+ Amazing vehicle physics with Nitrous and Drifting!
+ Downtown, Olde Town, Industrial and Neighborhood areas to explore.
+ A job with the most insane delivery service in the world! Can you beat the clock?
+ Unlockable vehicles with multiple paint options!
+ Mayhem, mayhem and more mayhem!

As the newest recruit to The Mayhem Express, your job is to drive fast and deliver strange packages. We will pay nicely for each package you deliver. In addition, we pay for any Mayhem you cause along the way. Cause we’re crazy like that. Light poles, barricades, other vehicles… You get the idea. The catch? We don’t miss deliveries and we’re never late.

Like to drive fast, cause mayhem and make cash? Think you can survive these insane working conditions? Then come join The Mayhem Express!

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