Mayday Timeattack

Try if you can break the record.

The air unit got lost in the sky and under attack!

All you have to do is to survive as long as you can!

Watch out for the thick cloud! You cannot see anything under the thick cloud.

With awesome background music you are wondering in the comfort looking sky.

Hope you survive until the end of the background music.

If you are looking for time killer free app, here is what you are looking for!

If you like to get your name on the leader board, here is what you are looking for!

Game Center Supported.

10 Achievements are there waiting for you!

If you survive to the end of the BGM(Background music), it is all done and 1000 GC Points are yours!

Easy Mode Added!

A lot of people want us to make easy mode.

So we made it!

Hope you enjoy this :D

Night Mode Added – 7 pm to 8 am

Enjoy the other games!

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Remember Order
Real Memo

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