Mayan Temple

The Lost Mayan Temple – Secret Of The Golden Turtle.

Can you solve the magical math puzzles by connecting numbers to help the princess recover the sacred Mayan treasure?

Can you complete all 50 levels?

Your goal is to always unlock 1 gem per level by destroying the magic door on the bottom of the screen.

Each level has a harder degree of difficulty. You will need to carefully select your next move in order to complete the objective. We know you can do it!

During each level, golden gems and other special stones appear to help you through the game play. Be prepared to act fast, your time is very important and it will run out quickly if you slow down.

Make sure you always add the numbers on the rocks to equal the number 7. If you do that, you will achieve greatness and save the treasure!

The Mayan princess will help you along the way by giving you ancestral powers and hints. You will use magical turtles, a powerful potion called mana and an enchanted millennial spell that can stop time!

Do you have what it takes to find the treasure? Go now!!!

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