Maximus Musicus

Nominated as best nordic children’s game at the 2011 Nordic Game conference.
Featured as new and noteworthy in App Stores around the world.

Step into the wonderful world of music and enjoy the fun of exploring musical instruments and their sounds with Maximus Musicus as your trusted guide. Solve themed jigsaw puzzles, play musical mini-games and even learn how to play some musical instruments, like the piano. The Maximus Musicus game brings music-making to kids with colorful graphics, great music and truckloads of fun challenges.

The game features seven unique mini-games, each more entertaining than the next:
* Maxi´s Dream
* Mystery Box
* Xylophone
* Harp
* Jigsaw Puzzle
* Piano
* Percussions

Maximus Musicus is the title character of the beloved children’s books by Hallfrídur Ólafsdóttir. Illustrated by Þórarinn Már Baldursson, the Maximus books have already enchanted children all over the world, fascinating them with some of the world’s most amazing music. Both Hallfrídur and Þórarinn are members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

Now is your chance to get to know Maximus Musicus, what are you waiting for? Just remember, that mice are ok as long as they don’t leave your iPhone/iPod.

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