Max’s Pirate Planet LITE

Ahoy there! Welcome to our LITE version of Max’s Pirate Planet – A Board Game Adventure, a high seas pirate board game adventure on a thrilling and interactive spinning globe. Everybody ready? Yo-ho-ho and off we go…!

Thank you Mom’s and Dad’s for all your fantastic feedback, you asked for a “try before you buy” version of our game, and here is that LITE version! Note: the paid version of this app comes complete, with no in-app purchases. Also please note, if you start walking around asking for loot or saying things like “yar”, “yo-ho” or “ahoy”, we cannot be held responsible.

This is a pass and play multi-player board game for young kids. Up to 4 players.


• Choose from five colorful pirates: Alex, Emma, Rusty, Skully and Finn
• Spin the wheel and explore the planet to find hidden treasure chests
• Challenge friends to a duel with swords and cannons and capture their treasure!
• Whack caves full of flying bats and smack the creepy spiders!
• Battle the tentacled sea monsters and escape greedy whales!
• Collect 4 treasure chests and piece together the treasure map
• Defeat Barnacle Bill in a spectacular cannon shoot out in his cavern of gold!

Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

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• Or follow us on Twitter @MaxPiratePlanet and use the hashtag #MaxPiratePlanet.

Max’s Pirate Planet – A Board Game Adventure is bought to you by Slant Six Games, makers of the ridiculously fun mobile game: The Bowling Dead. Search the app store for “Slant Six Games” to see all our apps.

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