Max Injury

Max Injury is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Max Injury

Max Injury is an app made for people who get a kick out of watching others fall down a flight of stairs. The ragdoll physics on display look nice, but this is more of a physics toy than anything resembling a game of skill, despite the incidental scoring system.

You “play” as a crash test dummy, who can also wear a teddy bear or zombie costume. You also have the option of pasting a photo on the dummy’s face. Over 13 levels, most of which will only take a minutes or two to complete, you have to launch the dummy down stairs, over the edge of a building, or into a giant pachinko machine and watch them tumble to the ground.

Like a graceful ballet.

You may have to give them a little smack to keep the momentum going, but otherwise, gravity does all the work. You’ll be awarded for hitting objects along the way, and get bonus points for hitting your head and other parts. The very brief few seconds of amusement in this game will likely not override the feeling that you’re wasting your time.

We can’t recommend the total stupidity of Max Injury, even if it does look nicer than the average ragdoll toy. Significant improvements need to be added to make this app tolerable as anything more than a goofy diversion. We can’t even bring ourselves to call it a game, any more than laughing at someone falling down can be called a sport. Pass!