Matrix Progression

This puzzle game is a combination of word-search and match-three. Your task is to find number sequences in a 5×5 or 6×6 matrix. It grows really addictive right after you finish the tutorial and get familiar with the rules!

There are three modes:
*STARTER* trains your game skills and pattern recognition!
*BEAT-the-CLOCK* provides you time bonuses to extend the time and get more scores. The multiplier increases as the game progresses so you will get real high scores at the end!
*TIMING* limits the game to 2 minutes. Try to make quick moves to fill up the multiplier bars. Longer sequences fill it up faster. Imagine how many scores you can earn when the multiplier is X10!

*You can connect *adjacent* numbers in any direction to form arithmetic progressions. It feels so natural on touch screens!
*The game is based on basic math and can instantly activate your brain.
*The game algorithm is running to make sure that there is at least one available sequence.
*With a large screen like an iPad you can also play with friends or family members to share the fun!

Other features:
*Game Center leaderboard so you can compare your score and challenge your friends
*Different music tracks for every game modes
*You can choose circle-type or square-type matrix, whichever pleases your eyes better!
*Numbers are grouped in three different colors
*Finish the tutorial to get hint bonuses! You will need them at some points!

Thanks for your time!

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