Matrix Balls

Matrix Balls will have you pulling your hair for hours! Align 5 balls or more vertically, horizontally or diagonally to clear them. The more balls you align, the higher combo score, but be careful, more balls keep appearing after every move.

Keep earning points through smart moves so that you don’t get blocked and fill up the board. This game is so simple, yet so challenging!
Note to players: Balls can ONLY be moved to locations that are accessible through a horizontal or vertical path.

Get this game for free and when you are ready to compete with the pros, you can purchase the Premium version which enables you to post your high scores on the international hall of fame! The Premium version offers even more, you can save the game and resume at anytime, plus it enables you to modify the difficulty levels by adjusting the number of colors, number of balls appearing after each move.

Enjoy the game…

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