Welcome to Matmon, the new navigation game.

Matmon is a great way for you and your kids to experience new outdoor activities.

Matmon is based on missions that you create.

A mission consists of six locations or “Points”.
The player must reach all six locations in ascending order to finish the game.

If there is more than one player, the player that completes the mission in the shortest time wins.

You can also share a mission using Bluetooth with other iPhone devices – enable multiple players to play/navigate in parallel.

To set the points for the mission, use the “Editor”.

With “Editor” there is no need to load coordinates into your iPhone, just place the cross hair directly over your desired location on the map, and enter a custom task or hint.

If you want to set your current location as a “Point” for the mission, click on the cross hair and make sure you have a good satellite signal (green indicator).

You can move the map, zoom in or out and switch between three different map types.

It is strongly recommended to assign Tasks to your points. This will make the game much more Interesting and challenging.

You’ll be asked to assign a “point number” for this location, in which the player must find by ascending order.


* To obtain a precise locations point (about 15 feet) make sure you have a good GPS signal.

* Every point must have a Name, Hint or Task.

How to play?

After all points are set for the mission, the player can start playing by selecting “Start mission”.

The player must hold the iPhone in portrait mode and point the blue arrow to the pin, then start moving as fast as he can towards the point.

When the player reach the first point and completes the location Task (if there is one) he will get a gold star and the pin of the next point will appear, until he find all points (six gold stars).

Note: The blue arrow is also a GPS signal indicator – No arrow indicates a weak satellite signal and the player must improve his location.

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