Maths Master

Practice makes perfect, and Double6 Math Master makes maths practice fun. Now your child can learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and more…

A fun and engaging game helping to sharpen math skills and keep your child occupied.

Match each sum tile with its correct solution tile in the fastest time.
Along with Math skills; memory and speed play a big part in this game, making it more challenging and fun.

Games are timed to the 10th of a second making it very exciting.
Challenge your friends to a speed maths dual.

And it’s fun for adults to! Enjoy playing together and see if you can better your child’s time!

This game has been tested by real children and has been shown to improve their Math skills.


6 Available Math Types:
-Square Root

3 Game Types:
-Memory Match – reveal and match hidden sum & solution tiles
-Flip Match – same as Memory Match with a few seconds to view the tiles before they are hidden
-Speed Match – all the sum & solution tiles are visible, match tiles against the clock

Option of 4 Grid Sizes allowing selection of difficulty level
High scores stored for each different game type and difficulty level.

Have fun with Math Master, we hope you love it!!

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