The Ultimate Math game!

MathQuest is fun way for kids to practice basic math skills while playing game!

You have to choose a specific operator such as plus,minus,multiplication,division or mix of them before starting game and level such as easy,medium or hard. Level will determine the numbers , easy will have numbers below 10 , medium will involve 2 digit numbers while hard will have 2 or 3 digit numbers.

All you have to do is match the equation and it’s answer. For example , if you tap on “3 + 4″ button, you will look for “7” and tap on it. There will be 20 equations and their answers displayed, the game will end when you tap on all matching pairs!

For correct answer you will get math points equal to level you selected , 1 for easy, 2 for medium and 3 for hard! There will be bonus points if you do well!

Well, kids can play this game while in car or you can arrange a birthday party and host this game! Kids will love to play this and improve on their math skills!

Good luck!


* Great User Interface
* More than 15 ways , every game is different and challenging.
* Can listen to iPod music while playing.
* Game gets saved when application exits , interruptions like phone calls are managed.

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