MathMines: Fun Mental Math

Get good with mental maths using this AWESOMELY FUN GAME!

Have you ever found maths boring or struggled to learn it? Well, MathMines is here for you! We make math fun and exciting so that you can shoot straight to the top of the class!

We have three levels to choose from and range from quick-fire maths to pretty difficult questions to suit players of ALL abilities.

So if you’ve ever found yourself wound up frustrated that you can’t do maths, its boring or mental maths is a struggle, well, you’re not alone. What MathMines does is help you get quicker and helps you become more confident with doing maths.

From the NOVICE to the PRO, we have something for everyone.
The Starter level:
– 3 addition, 3 subtract and 2 multiply questions
– 8 questions overall
– Quick-fire (easy-ish) questions

The Difficult level
– 3 addition, 3 subtract, 3 multiply and 3 divide questions
– 12 questions overall
– Has some pretty hard questions

The Extreme level
– Is a bit mental
– 16 questions overall

Other features
– Game center leaderboards for all levels. See how you compare with friends and other people across the globe.
– Race against the clock to get the fastest time humanly possible.
– Personal highscore for each level for you to play against yourself.
– Get REALLLLLY competitive with others when they beat your time.

So, what do you say? Wanna work on those mental math skills of yours or just out for some math based laughs? These people certain did:

“This is a great fun app which I’m sure will improve my boys “math” whilst having fun.”
– JCM’s

“Absolutely fantastic game to get your mind working quickly!! Keep it up! Great game!! Love the leader board system”
– IcePenguin911

“Fun maths game. Gets competitive…!”
– Spikefudge

So, decision time. Are you up for fun whilst improving your mental maths?

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