MathGems 2

That will not rust the brain! If you liked the successfully first part of the MathGems, now your brain have a new challenge. Show your ability in mental arithmetic with the speedy and funny second part of MathGems. This game is suitable for all the family and their different ages. Moreover, this time you will can challenge your friends with two modes online unprecedent: BATTLE and COMPETITIVE.

Train your brain agility with quick math whilst you are having fun alone or plays with your friends thanks to the online mode. MathGems 2 is a new game of intelligence and mental arithmetic ability which was born after the hit MathGems 1. Once more, you will be tested by Dr Brain who will use basic Maths in fun and vertiginous game modes to squeeze your quick computing capacity while you combine the gems of numbers and other extras.

If you combine, add up and solve with the higher score you will can up the level. Find these number of gems the doctor Brain show to you usind the gems one to one or combinating the gems with the same color and using the special gems to get the best score to up a level.

Is it easier, isn’t it? We are sure it isn’t difficult enough, test your brain! The Brain Doctor is willing to became in the fast Maths´Master… but he will not get you easy and he will complicate!


Solve the calculations to get the number given by the doctor Brain. You will can combine free gems, gems with the same color or add extras to obtain the higher score and up one level. ¿Will you be able to get a new record? Don’t forget you will not can leave the sreen full of gems but the result will be Game Over and you will not add any point at that moment.

The doctor Brain is crazy now! It’s the Dizzy mode. Now, you don`t only play to win the challenge of the Arcade mode…The doctor Brain has on his chronometer; you have ten seconds countdown to solve the proposal given by doctor Brain but he will throw a lot of gems in your screen. As in the Arcade mode if your screen is full of gems without solve, your opportunity to be in the top of the ranking wil be finished.

The chronometer of the doctor Brain has returned but, in this case, the challenge will be the opposite of the other modes. This time the screen will be full of gems and you have to free it in record time. Cleen the screens combining the gems, solving the challenge given by doctor Brain in the shortest time possible. If you are quick, you will obtain more points.
It suitable only to the fastest for calculating and combining colors. You get the highest level in this challenge and you show what your mind is agile.
Definitely … will not be easy!…Doctor Brain rate only the best.


You can create a new game or join a game created by your friend who you can that challenge through your Bluetooth. Each Gem you get eliminate your opponent will appear on your screen. Who will be the fastest?
Now your friend and you will compete through your Bluetooth ARCADE mode, competing against each other to get the highest score and level. Which of two will be the best?

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