Mathdoku+ Pro Sudoku Style Logic Puzzle

Sudoku and puzzle fans will love Mathdoku+! Simple and challenging, this brain teaser is unlike anything you’ve played before. Get ready to spend hours of enjoyment along your phone or tablet.

With over 700 levels from 3×3 to the mind blowing 9×9, Mathdoku+ is a great game to help you sharpen logic and math skills whether you’re a beginner or an experienced puzzler!

– Great for kids’ development of reasoning, logic and math skills
– Check and Hint features to help in case you get stuck
– Complete tutorial for beginners
– Designed for both iPhone and iPad with support for Retina Display

– The grid size defines the numbers you can use in a puzzle. If it’s a 3×3, you’ll use numbers from 1 to 3. If it’s a 4×4, from 1 to 4. And so on!
– Squares outlined by bold lines are called cages. Each cage has a target number and a an associated math operation.
– Each cage must be filled with numbers that, combined in any order, produce the target number of the cage using the correspondent math operation.
– Numbers may not be repeated in any row or column, just like Sudoku.

Quite simple, eh? So warm up your brain and get ready for Mathdoku+!

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