Math2d Free

Math2d Free is a game of logic and mathematics. This is the free version of Math2d and is another implementation of a timeless classic mathematical puzzle set on a board.

The challenge is to select which numbers will add up to each row solution shown at the right while at the same time solving for column additions shown at the bottom of the board.

Tapping a number on the board toggles the number’s font size, and can be tapped any number of times. The number will alternate between a small font size and a bigger font size. Numbers with a bigger font size will be selected for the solution.

That is all that is needed to start playing the game right out of the (virtual) box !

Here are some features that make the game outstanding and highly addictive:

– an infinite number of randomly generated boards
– any number of rows from 1 to 7 (up to 10 with the paid app)
– any number of columns from 1 to 7 (up to 10 with the paid app)
– player can be assigned ‘free’ board cells by tapping the Hint button
– player moves are kept and can be ‘undone’ and ‘redone’ except hints (that would be cheating)
– vivid graphics (see pictures in this preview)
– extremely easy user-friendly settings that let you customize the board.
– sound effects can be enabled
– one game is always ‘live’
– player can load/save up to 6 games
– undo/redo actions are also saved (and are available when game is continued)
– games typically last from mere seconds to many hours
– it is adaptable to any level of difficulty
– it is adaptable to any age group
– it will raise mathematical skills

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