Math Test for Kids

Good Math app for kids
With all forms of exercise as a fundamental and general exercise, "Math Test" is an online math games just giving your child a solid mathematical and entertaining them at the same time. The biggest challenge is to answer multiple questions correctly in a limited time. The game will not stop even when he answered incorrectly except when time runs out. The application consists of four of the most common forms of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and part of the final sum is divided into five separate areas, you will easily train your kid all the way and focus in a certain field you want. Also, if you want to help them enhance the overall math skills, direct them focus on the final play with a series of alternating equations. The logic of this arrangement will help your baby gradually formed the basic thinking of a mathematician. "Math Test" attractions not by the pictures and graphics, but by the nature of it!

The outstanding features:
+ The application is designed in accordance with the levels from easy to difficult, from basic to advanced
+ Basic graphics and simple, yet charismatic, giving kid exciting experience
+ You can easily track your child's progress through each level of play
+ Each equation will be a challenge, and the application is mountain of challenges
+ Bring the fun in the children's mathematics learning.

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