Math Makes Me Money 1-20

Developed by two teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience, “Math Makes Me Money” focuses on helping children to think critically about numbers while gaining extra number sense practice.

This app is geared towards the practice of counting on, using numbers from 1 to 20. Children will need their thinking caps to decide whether to add or subtract objects to complete the number set. Positive reinforcement and incentives come in the form of “Cool Bux.” Children earn them by fulfilling orders such as pencils at “The School” and fish at “The Pet Store.” There are 8 levels to choose from, each with their own skill which that are clearly labeled so you know what they are working on.

“Math Makes Me Money” is great for kids across a range of ability levels. Hints are available for children who get “stuck” on a problem. Quizzes open up to challenge children who are ready for something more difficult. And the store is always open as an incentive for your child to keep working hard!

~ Full HD, Resolution Independence
- 8 Levels focused on Addition, Subtraction and Counting on
- Earn “Cool Bux” for correctly solved problems.
- Use money to buy prizes in the “Cool Bux Store!”
- Intuitive hint system allows you to let your child work out a tough problem on her/his own.
- Timed quizzes for each level provide an extra challenge.
- Open save slots for 2 players.
- Customized Avatars.


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