Math Dragon

Kids !

Math Dragon needs help solving the sums the teacher put on the blackboard while he’s away! In this awesome educational 3d action math game, you control a cute little Math Dragon. But there’s a problem! The numbers you’re looking for are kept by a bunch of race turtles. Together, you and Math Dragon can blast those numbers right out of their shells using fireballs! Once you’ve found the right number, drop it in the green bucket to make Math Dragon happy! Find race turtles in the classroom, library and even on the playground!

When you do your best, you can even fly! If things get too hard, a special button can help you and when you’re not moving, you’ll be surprised with something “special!”

So if you want to train you’re brain and help out Math Dragon, then get this app and you’ll climb to top off your class this coming year!

Parents !

Is your kid playing too many video games and not paying enough attention to the math tests? Then Math Dragon is THE solution to the problem! In this educational 3d math action game your child will be taught to solve sums in 10 awesome levels! Each level is diverse so your child can explore the school and the surroundings without becoming bored like with traditional flash cards.

So if your child is having trouble learning sums or is too easily bored with simple flashcards, why don’t you give Math Dragon a try? Before you know it, you’ll want to help Math Dragon too!

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