Mate in 2? OK! v.2

We’re glad to present you a unique chess problems collection v.2! This collection is addressed to young chess players, coaches, teachers, parents. It can be used at educational or training lessons, along with self practice.

– 300 amusing problems “Mate in 2″
– Convenient “Navigation”. You can easily select a desired task.
– The bookmark will move your task to “Favorites” in just one click and save your time!
– With the help of the “Settings” button you can choose the style of the chessboard, set move highlighting and “hints”, which is especially convenient for kids!
– “Notes” will help you keep track of your thoughts.
– “Timer” was programmed to solve each task.
– Convenient switching from one problem to another by means of turning pages.

With the help of this chess tasks collection you can develop creativity, logical thinking and decision making skills in your kid.

Winning a chess game gives you an unbeatabe feeling of satisfaction, and thus enhances your mind! Win together with the programs “Mate? OK!”

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