Matching Monsters Free

Explosively fun, colorful monsters, this game tests your ability to ‘find’ and ‘match’ monsters in 2,3,4,5 in a row. Flip monsters in a fundamentally re-imagined match 3 game.
★★★★★”I love this game, it’s my new Bejeweled!”
★★★★★”Game of the year. I’m addicted.”

Enjoy this fully loaded game with:
✔ 8 Game Worlds (FULL version only)
✔ Over 72 Levels (FULL version only)

•••••TONS of FEATURES•••••
☂ Locked Monsters
☂ Mad Monsters
☂ Tiny & Morph
☂ Hidden & Concealed

•••••TONS of BONUSES•••••
You will need the following to help you get through the game:
★ Bombs to clear them
★ Extra time
★ Reveal magic wands

•••••SUPERB VALUE•••••
★ Awesome music and sounds
★ Excellent graphics, and beautiful visuals
★ Super Addictive, Easy to learn, Difficult to master

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