Matching Cheats Free – for Matching With Friends Free and Premium

Matching Cheats is the ultimate Matching With Friends companion, guaranteed to make you a better player and more formidable opponent. Matching Cheats will show you all the top scoring solutions that can be created. With one tap, Matching Cheats will show you how to find the best tile placement on a Matching With Friends board.

Use the import feature to upload a screenshot of your Matching With Friends game and Matching Cheats will calculate all the top playable solutions available. Matching Cheats also has a quick import feature to import your last screenshot taken immediately.

• Shows top playable solutions for rack tiles
• Import Matching With Friends screenshots
• One tap import using Quick Import
• One tap “Back to game” button

Matching Cheats and Pinc Studios are in no way affiliated with Matching With Friends, Zynga or any other application mentioned within Matching Cheats.

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