MatchAnimals – Kids Memory Animal Matching Game

A free animal matching game for kids! It features cute cartoon animal illustration and 10 different game stages for kids of all ages. Children will have fun while flipping the card to reveal different animals. The children will also be rewarded when two cards with the same animal are revealed with cute sound and nice animation.

To match animal cards, the player taps on any card back to reveal the first cartoon animal card with cool flipping animation and sound. Then the player taps on any other card back to reveal the second card. Two matching animal card will score game points. This match animal memory game features different difficulty levels which suit especially for children between 2 and 9 years old. The game also includes some difficult levels which are even challenging for adults.

For children of younger age or just start playing animal matching game, the player can choose TIMELESS mode. In which the player always has time to flipping the card without worrying about the timeout. After mastering this game mode, the kids can start playing CLASSIC mode with different number of cards and different timeout in seconds. To obtain high score the player can try to match animals with More cards and less.

The app is better than other animal matching games because the app keeps track your highest score – perfect way to challenge friends and family. Sound and music can all be turned off in game options. The game can also be paused and resumed all the time.

– Free animal matching game for all ages
– Play timeless mode for beginners and younger kids
– Play classic memory game mode to be more challenging
– Highest score/game achievements

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