Match With Me Light!

Educational Matching Game

Match With Me! is an educational matching game for children of all ages. Game themes include Numbers, Letters, Colors, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals and more! Each theme includes at least 16 cards to match, for a total of over 160 different learning points.

This free version includes several levels and theme packs! This game grows with your child – levels increase in difficulty from as simple as 4 cards to as many as 32 cards (limit 16 on iPhone version).

-Educational “Fun Facts” with names and descriptions for each card
-Multiple classical music tracks to stimulate your child’s mind during gameplay
-Timer helps to record and improve performance
-Variety of core learning subjects

-Various difficulty levels to always keep your child engaged
-Matching is shown to improve memory capability
-Hundreds of different cards to match

-Fun characters and animations
-Hours of educational entertainment
-Timer challenges your child to always improve on each level
-Positive reinforcement when completing levels

*Includes both iPad and iPhone versions.

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