Match To Learn

The Fun Way To Learn!

Match To Learn is an educational game based on the classic memory matching game, but with a twist. You learn to relate concepts while also testing your memory!

In addition to matching items to themselves, match to related items within the same theme. For example, in the Numbers theme match numbers to numbers, numbers to roman numerals or numbers to their spelling in English or other languages. In addition to teaching concepts, Match To Learn is a great way to learn spelling or to begin learning a new language. Themes include options to match to English, French or Spanish words. Match To Learn is a great way to learn while you’re passing the time just having fun!

** Non-Stop Fun **
Never get bored with 150 combinations of game levels, themes and concepts and over 500 different items to match. Choose from among 8 different card backgrounds for a new look.

** Challenging Levels **
To challenge users at any level, select from 6 different board sizes. On-screen help is available to assist users unfamiliar with a matching concept.

** Competitive or Casual **
Play a casual game or race against the clock to see if you can get on the leader board.

** Themes & Concepts **
Themes included for Animals, Colors, Countries, Shapes, Time & Numbers. Themes include common concepts for the theme (e.g., analog, 12-hour & 24-hour for Time) and spelling in English, French & Spanish.

Game play settings include turning sound on or off, and setting the delay before flipping over non-matched cards. This game works with all iPad versions, running iOS 5.0+.

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