Master of Recycling

Recycling is necessary to keep our planet clean, we all know that. But, have you ever considered that picking up the trash might also be a fun thing to do? Are you ready to take the ultimate challenge and save our planet? Play the game and become the Master of Recycling!

Beware, it won’t be easy. Careless people have filled the sky with all kinds of litter. Will you be able to recognize which waste falls into the correct recycling category? First four levels challenge you to separate the trash precisely in only 1 minute. Every time you make a mistake and pick up the red bag or collect the trash that is not the part of your current mission your score will lower. Pay attention when you see a storm coming, it might change your focus!

When you learn enough, you progress to the biggest challenge awaiting. The final level truly tests your recycling expertise. While the sky fills with all sorts of waste instructions change each time you see the storm coming. Be careful to avoid the lethal rocks and not to lose gas, otherwise your mission will come to an end.

So, what are you waiting for? Tilt you iphone left and right and catch as much nasty trash as you possibly can. The planet needs you!

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