Mary's Little Lamb: A Preschool Tale

Join Mary and her Little Lamb in an interactive singalong for toddlers!

Mary’s Little Lamb is an adorable musical adventure across the fantastic road to school and back. With learning games and immersive scenes, look for exciting hidden stickers, fun music and everything a toddler could look for in a young child’s application.

With our newest update, Mary’s Little Lamb keeps getting better and is as educational as it is adorable.


★ Sing and Explore!
– Sing and play with original music written for the app!
– Freeplay Mode: For kids wanting to explore and discover!
– Autoplay Mode: For the youngest of tots learning how to play!
– Mary’s Animals: Look for all the different Animals in Mary’s World!

★ Play and Learn!
– Go to preschool and play with friends, teachers and animals!
– Write on the chalkboard!
– Find hidden worlds come alive!
– Help animals find their homes!

★ Stickers
– Collect exciting stickers hidden in the scenes!
– Place your new stickers in different scenes (if you discover them that is)

★ Mary’s Animals
– Look for hundreds of different animals! Can you find them all!?
– Match all the animals with their home! A dog in a doghouse, a cat in the cat door and even a bunny in a hole! Learn where they go and put them to bed!

✔ Available on all your devices with no further purchase, its universal!


*Created by parents for parents with young toddlers, Mary’s Lamb is a tasteful, interactive musical game based upon the popular nursery song. Incorporating easy listening music and interactive animations, you can sing, learn and play with this fabulous children’s app!

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✔ Privacy Policy For Kids:
We take children’s online safety as a top priority, ensuring that in this app there are No ads, No Social Networking Links, No Location gathering, and No in-app purchases that are required to continue playing. We have a small section of “More Apps” that has video demos for more of our family friendly children’s apps.

Tiger Stripes LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 3-5
Categories: Creative Play, Music, Games

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